28822 Old Town Front St. #108, Temecula, CA 92590 | Phone (951) 972-2256

Hours: Monday-Tuesday 3pm - 8pm | Wednesday-Sunday 1pm - 8pm


Walter Melon  5.5%

(Hoppy pale ale infused w/ watermelon)


Red Alert (Red Ale) 6.0%


Grove Robber  5.5%

(Hoppy pale ale infused w/ Tangor zest)


Strawberry ShortQuake [nitro available]
(Blonde ale brewed w/ real strawberries)


Tremor Pale Ale 5.5%


Amerifest  7.6%


Richter Rauch (Smoked Ale)  5.7%


Kaleidescope  6.3%

(Cream ale dry hopped w/ mosaic)


3rd Degree IPA [nitro available]  6.8%


Paradisi IPA  6.8%
(Brewed w/ fresh grapefruit zest)

Bitter Monk  9.0%

(Belgian IPA. Collaboration with Us vs. Them)


Faultine IIPA  9.2%


Espresso Stout  8.0%


Espresso Stout w/ vanilla added  8.0%


Temporarily Out Stout [on nitro] 9.0%
(Imperial chocolate rye milk stout w / cocoa nibs & vanilla beans)


Temporarily Mexican [nitro]
(Temporarily Out w/ cinnamon & chipotle)


Jess y James (Imperial American Stout)  9.9%


3 Varieties of oak aged Jess y James  10.0%




Members Only:


Temporarily Maple  9.1%
(Temporarily Out Stout aged on Maple Jack Daniel's® oak)






Sarsaparilla Root Beer

Ginger Beer

Batz Malta (Malt Soda)


Coming Soon!

Dubbel Vission  9.3%

O.R.C.A. (Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ale) 5.5%




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